TSL Group is an investment holding and management company that offers a global presence. With facilities and offices in over 14 cities around the globe, TSL Holdings gives you a strategic global presence with strong links in China, the USA and the Asia Pacific region.

TSL Group is fully committed to growing the profitability of our investments and extending our presence in worldwide markets through strategic alliances and acquisitions. With our well-developed networks in emerging and established markets throughout the world, we have positioned ourselves for long-term growth and globalisation.

As a purely financial holding company, TSL Group keeps its overheads low through strategies such as minimising its headcount. It also steers the strategic growth of its subsidiaries, enables them to access capital markets and focus on their core business functions.

TSL Group comprises of:
• Gulf Asia Investment
Manufacturing and construction
• ICF International
• Masterpiping
• Express Consultancy
• EDL Exhibition
• International Designers Group
• Tim Bondi Enterprise
Trading, supply and distribution
• Marine Depot
• Master Merchants International